What do you REALLY need to start in Real Estate with Justin Donald

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I'm here with a good friend of mine, Justin Donald. So we met, uh, at a personal development seminar, actually, oddly enough, not that long ago, but our, you know, our friends, like we have all these mutual friends that we discovered. It's interesting. Cuz we were just sitting next to each other. We started talking and he's an entrepreneur he's been in tiger 21. He's had lots of businesses he's he uh, has a master course. He, he had a, um, masterclass and a and a book and he's uh, very, very entrepreneurial Justin.

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Are we heading into a depression?

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Are we heading into a depression? Are we heading into another depression like the 2008 housing crash? Join Ken McElroy and Danille in a discussion about where the future of the US economy is heading.

The Value of Debt

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The Value of Debt The personal finance community has very different views of debt. Some believe debt is irresponsible and should be avoided. Others believe that debt is a powerful wealth-building tool that should be leveraged. Personally, I love debt, but not all debt. Certain debt. In my opinion, you can’t love or hate debt […]

How to House Hack Your Way to Real Estate Success

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How to House Hack Your Way to Real Estate Success If you are someone who feels like owning real estate is out of reach, then you need to consider house hacking. House hacking is a great way to build a real estate portfolio. Not only do you get homeowner interest rates, but you also can […]