A Story is Worth a Thousand Words

I think a lot of you right now are questioning whether you will be going back to your job anytime soon. You don’t even know if your job is the right job for this new economy and what you are going to do if you need to switch careers. Most people have this knee jerk reaction that the answer is more schooling, but I want to challenge you in this ever changing environment to self educate yourself on things you are interested in. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Maybe you learn internet marketing, social media, real estate, or how to private label a product (I hear masks are trending right now haha). 

Whatever you want to learn, now is the time to educate yourself in order to navigate this new economy. I want you to get away from thinking you need another degree and approach it as you need more “self education.” Be open to the flexibility the future holds and be excited about it. I wrote a book on this exact thing. It is a fictional book, but Return to Orchard Canyon is more than just your basic fiction novel. It is a journey that discusses new beginnings and starting over in your career. While at the same time giving you the knowledge you need to take that step and make that decision. Click Here to check it out! 

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