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How does KENFlix help you succeed in developing skills as an entrepreneur and real estate investor?

On the site, you’ll quickly learn exactly what you need to do to:

  • Get real estate deals funded with other people’s money
  • Drive incredible cash flow
  • Increase the value of your properties
  • And, so much more to fuel your business and investing success!

We’re going to show you a repeatable process you can use to get genuine leverage by creating cash-generating assets using money from other people – so you don’t have to constantly provide the capital yourself to fund your deals.

What’s this mean to you? The potential for more and bigger properties with lower personal start-up costs and higher overall profitability.

In other words, it’s a chance to recognize infinite cash on cash returns.  This is what makes what we’re doing at KENFlix so unique.

And, it all starts with one simple and – honestly – inexpensive membership to KENFlix.com.

Answers, insights, and maximizers – updated regularly

As you’ll see, the entire membership site is straightforward, simple, and so easy to understand. We tell it like it is… Just what you need without the distractions of unnecessary information.

It’s filled with an ever-growing library of short, concise videos that expose the nuts and bolts of real-world entrepreneurship, real estate investing and property management that nobody else is telling you at the tactical level and all in ONE place.

My team and I work long hours every week to make sure you get the latest hands-on answers and information to navigate the market correctly, effectively and seamlessly.

In fact, if you have questions that haven’t been addressed in the members’ only videos, you can post it in our members’ only forum. My team and I check it frequently and your input greatly influences the videos I make. With KENFlix, you help control the content and you get the knowledge you need to be successful in real estate.

The result? You can begin building your own real estate investment portfolio or property management company with the confidence you won’t get tripped up by common and debilitating roadblocks and obstacles.

Get started now!


So what is KENFlix?

KENFlix is a membership site that includes:

  • 2-3 new informational videos every WEEK that focus on critical areas such  as:  Entrepreneurship, Raising Capital, Property Management, Real Estate Taxes and Legal Considerations, Setting Up and Managing Finances, New Market Trends, and so much more to help you get started, or navigate growth in your own business!
  • KENFlix forum where myself and my team of experts will be weighing in on the topics that you care about!  Get personalized feedback to your questions and comments from top experts in the field!  You’ll also be able to utilize the forum to communicate with other members, share opportunities and network!  The benefits of a private forum like this are immeasurable.
  • Get advice about current changes happening in the marketplace… how me, and my team of experts plan to respond, and what you should consider when making choices for your business.


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