Affordable Housing and Mobile Home Parks

The biggest issue in real estate right now is affordable housing. With rents rising faster than income, cities are looking for a way to help people afford to live in their communities. An unexpected solution to this crisis is popping up across the country: mobile home parks. While these parks have long been stigmatized by city governments, they’re beginning to come around as affordability becomes more and more of an issue. 

In this YouTube video, I talk to Mike Ayala of Park Place Communities. He and his partners are creating an investment out of these mobile home parks and doing quite well at it! Mike discusses what he looks for in a park, potential red flags, and the good he is doing for the community. 

I will tell you that affordable housing will become more and more of a need in the United States over time and this is definitely something you should understand and look into. That is potential here from owning a park to possibly even converting a mobile home into a rental. Click here to watch!

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