4 Reasons Why Taking That Day Off Improves Your Work Ethic

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It’s a well-known fact that many Millennials feel overworked, underpaid, etc. Finding themselves slaving away at school or jobs, which then leaves them mentally and physically drained by the time the weekend rolls around. And yet, due to the pressures of responsibilities, they find themselves working through their treasured time off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in anticipation for the upcoming work week.

The principle of taking a day off not only applies to the new generation of workers, or Millennials, but anyone who has ever felt like his or her duties were getting the best of him or herself, and they couldn’t ever feel 100% recharged.

Everyone needs one day a week. No work calls, no checking emails, no responses to text messages, but instead a full day off to spend with family, fully engaged, completely connected with the moment, and just living.

You can only sprint for so long before you begin to slow down, and eventually come to a dead stop.  According to a Businessweek report I read, vacation deprivation has been known to increase both mistakes and resentment toward coworkers. Now, wouldn’t you rather be happy and accurate and awesome at your job than forgetful and angry?

So what happens to you mentally and physically when you subtract deadlines and emails for a day?:

You find your creative self again.

When you are relaxed, your mind has more energy to wander, create, and imagine brilliant and beautiful things. Because of this, creative ideas will flow freely, natural, and the creative cricket that is you, will feel rejuvenated.

You become more in tune with your daily responsibilities.

We all have a lot on our plate, but when you take some time to step away from the long daunting list, it becomes easier, and well, a little less daunting, and you begin to see the big picture. Instead of a brain clouded with a bundle of tiny tasks, you’ll find a clear list of to-do’s and tackle it.

A fresh start will allow you to work harder.

Everyone knows that people, more often than not, tend to work harder after returning from vacations. Time off just does the body and brain GOOD! Who knows, you may have gained a new perspective on life, or merely relaxed just enough to be ready to tackle your next project or milestone.

You will feel less stressed (Hallelujah!)

Lastly, most importantly, and thankfully, a true breather and brain timeout will allow your brilliant brain to rest and naturally help ease your stress.

Remember, it’s okay to take it easy. Tune out the noise, and don’t feel guilty about it.


How much better do you think you’d feel if you had more than just the weekends off? I can help you with that.

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