4 Ways to Find a Balance Between Work and Love

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It’s important to have loves beside your love, but your partner is still deserves… well, love. I can’t really say I’ve mastered balancing work and life perfectly, but I can say I’ve done a pretty decent job at it thus far. Although my company is near and dear to my heart and important, my family always has and always will come first. I’ve made it a point to best the Dad that shows up to my son’s wrestling matches, to be around, and to be the best husband I can be. Now being a good boss is also very important to me, and so is the success of my company, and I’ve found a way to maintain all of the above.

We are here on this earth to be connected, and studies have shown, that people in thriving relationships not only live (happier) longer, but ALSO make more money in their businesses! So how do all of those people, and myself, manage to create successful, long-lasting relationships while also optimizing their career growth?

1. Keep It Separate

When you’re at work crushing it, keep on crushing it and working. But when you’re not at work, stop the working. Separating your two worlds, to the best of your ability, will be a huge stress reliever.

If you have some extra work to get done, so be it. My point is, when you get home from a long day at the office, your first instinct shouldn’t be to open your laptop, check your email on your phone, and continue working. Take some time to connect and recharge with your partner.


2. Stop Glorifying Being Busy (Seriously)

PSA: a jam-packed calendar does not dictate your success. Stop filling your calendar with “busy work” and start adding your loved ones into it more often. I’m talking non-negotiable dates with your partner, children, and making a physical AND digital reminder for yourself – start treating date night as a priority.

3. Create More Time

Outsource some tasks, then you can open up your schedule for your relationship. For example, hire a cleaning service, have one of those healthy meal services deliver dinner to your doorstep – just create more time! All of these things add up to more hours of free time you can spend with your partner and family, and they’ll notice your effort.

4. Be Proud Of Your Relationship

You’d think this would be a given, but take as much pride in your relationship as you do in your business. Relationship goals should be just as important as your career goals, and celebrate your relationship milestones as you would celebrate your work successes.

Be connected. Show up more often. Pay attention. Make your partner and family a part of your journey, and you’ll receive the support you need down the road.


Time to hold yourself accountable! What are you going to do to better balance your work and love life? 

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