6 Habits Of The Rich and Wealthy

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I always hear people say they want to get rich, but those same people often don’t want to put in the required work to make it happen. Investing in things like real estate can and will create passive income, if you get in the habit of doing what you need to do. Just like with any sport; you don’t go into a game or boxing match without a lot of training and conditioning under your belt. Here are 6 habits that helped condition me to become financially free, and can help you get there too:

1. I took risks.

I’m not saying to fly off the handle and do something stupid, but I’m also not telling you to be a wallflower and expect all of the good things in life to come to you. Risk is a part of life, whether it’s regarding money, or any endeavor that’s worth while. High risk, high reward; but keep in mind you can take calculated risks.

2. I considered everyone a guru.

Learn learn learn, because your brain is a sponge. Considering everyone a guru is so important, because not only does it allow you to network and make relationships with a strong foundation, but it also allows you to keep on learning. Regardless of how much you know, we can all learn at least one thing from each other.

3. I invested in myself.

Investing in yourself probably doesn’t mean what you think it means. No, don’t invest in yourself by going on a shopping spree for the big ticket items you’ve been eyeing for a month. Invest in yourself by signing up for financial education classes, books, conferences. There is no better time than now to invest in yourself.

4. I regularly reviewed my goals.

Goals are the coal that makes a successful person’s train role; I mean it. You have to set goals, and then review them in order to see where you’re at. I think a lot of people avoid looking back at goals, because they’re afraid; They know they haven’t accomplished the milestones they set out to achieve. It’s okay if you haven’t gotten here yet, but I’m telling you now, you won’t ever reach those goals if you don’t review them. Hold yourself accountable and do it for yourself.

5. I continually aligned my values with my goals.

Aligning your values with your goals is key. A lot of people also don’t achieve their goals because their values don’t match up, and they aren’t willing to change those values. Reevaluating your values is something that can honestly change your personal and professional life. If you have a dream to have wealth so that you never have to worry about money, ask yourself: Are you tracking the dollars you spend? Are you hanging out with people who have the same mindset as you? Are you spending your time wisely and doing what you need to do to get there, or are you spending a majority of your time watching T.V.? Your goals can never truly be reached until your values match up.

6. I surrounded myself with the people I wanted to emulate.

Mentors, colleagues, friends, I surrounded myself with the people I wanted to be like. The key to this is first finding out what you want, and then seek out the people who are already where you want to be. Surround yourself with those people, and you’ll be on your way.

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