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Let me tell ya, you’re all consistently asking such thought-spiraling questions and I’m so thankful you’re all so eager to learn more! Recently I’ve been working on new videos where I’ll be answering your questions, and those will be up on KenFLIX shortly (spoiler alert: check back on Friday.)

In the meantime, I’m ridiculously curious about what else you want to know! Do you have any more questions? Maybe you have some suggestions or things you’d like to see right here on the blog or in future KenFLIX videos? Leave a comment and fill me in on what your magical thought processes are coming up with. I know you’re all creative crickets, so I’m excited to hear your ideas, what you want to know, and to continue teaching you all that I can.

Ready…set…let’s hear those questions and ideas!

 – Ken

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  1. bugatti davide

    Hi ken this is Davide Bugatti from Aruba
    Thanks for this opportunity
    When you ask me shoot one question so many good points come to my mind that I don’t know where to start
    Ok I’ll give it a try

    1 infinite cash flow return I LOVE THIS
    This is the only way not I look at the market of real estate
    Is the right thing to start with ?
    Should I start to create a small base with some flips or rehab
    Should I start to build confidemce with banks or other money source in other ways ?
    How raise capital just with a single business plan presentation?
    How you suggest to build a business plan around an infinite cash return opportunity ?
    What could be the key factor to
    Underscore or the main objection to be ready to win ?

    We can start if you like a discussion by those points



  2. John Shepherd

    You do not have to know somebody to get going in real estate but you do have to build a team.

    Besides an accountant, lawyer and insurer what members do we need ?

  3. Peter

    How to solicit a landlord of an apartment building directly (no broker) to see if he’s interested in selling you his building?

  4. Peter

    Please explain in general what is considered in the real estate industry a good annual cash on cash return on an apartment building. Can you also explain the math behind your coc return increasing via depreciation. Thanks.

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