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Being a People Person in Business

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Throughout the years I’ve learned my lesson, and these days I surround myself with friends who always come through for me. I know a lot of people say, “never go into business with your friends,” but for some odd reason, that strategy has worked out for me. A lot of my friends have become my co-workers, partners, or employees, and a lot of my co-workers have become my friends. I think it’s just the way I operate. I’ve been in the industry for nineteen years, and I’ve learned to rely on my network. I’m a connector.

When you have confidence in your people, they’ll help you succeed. Today, I know I can rely on my friends, and that ability has also paid dividends though Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. More than anything, EO has taught me to focus more on my family. So many of the members have gone through similar experiences and similar personal hardships. They’ve helped me understand the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

For those of you considering a membership to a professional group, keep in mind you will get what you put into it. This means you want to be an active and productive member who mingles with other members and contributes to the community by curating useful content.

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