Entrepreneur Profile: Daniel Novaes

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Daniel Novaes is a 23-year-old entrepreneur that is currently living and thriving n Chicago, IL, and is best known for his founding of FratStars.com.

As a student of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Novaes studies Entrepreneurship and International Business. Due to the creative cricket that he is, it’s no surprise he started his first business at the age of 16 and quickly found his niche for exporting goods from the USA to Europe, South America, and Australia by selling them online.

Daniel’s venture is still in operation today, and get this – last year alone the company finished the 4th quarter over $2 million in sales! Are you impressed yet? I am. Aside from this venture and Frat Stars, Daniel has also started a few other business ventures, including TheFoundersDesk.com, W&W Screen Printing and MobileXLabs.com.

I hope you’re paying attention, because no only has Daniel reached abundant success at his age, but perhaps his biggest accomplishment is that he has been debt free and completely self-reliant since the ripe age of 18.

I previously read an interview with Daniel and his response to the question below really stuck out to me:

“How do you deal with failure?

No one likes to fail and I am no different than you. I have trained myself to think about what I could have done different to have won or do better next time. As an entrepreneur it is no different. The biggest problem with entrepreneurs is that if you tell one that his idea “sucks,” or he could do “this this and that” better, he will many times think you don’t know what hell you are talking about.

Sometimes your idea really isn’t all that good and over time it is my belief that you will find the right path for you. Many times I have started with a venture that didn’t really produce much of anything, but it ultimately led me to pivot my idea to something that saw success.”

I couldn’t agree more with him. I have previously, and will continue to remind you all that failure is not a death sentence. Failure is a lesson, and as Daniel said, his failures inevitably led to the creation of his successful business ventures, and without those failures, he maybe wouldn’t have thought of those ideas and pathways.

Stay motivated and stay hungry.


Ready to be a succesful entrepreneur like Daniel? How do you turn your failures into a positive?

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