New on KenFLIX : Pets and Renter’s Insurance

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It’s Friday, new videos are up and I’m excited! Landlords, future landlords, this one’s for you.

I wanted to provide a little “preview” on what my two newest videos are all about and why they’re going to be absolutely darn-stinking-need-to-know information for you!

Two words: Renter’s Insurance. If you’ve been going back and forth on the subject, your answer is in this KenFLIX video. Fires are expensive, and however cautious, fires will without a doubt happen. I’m telling you stories, some funny, some not, but mostly funny, of times when renter’s insurance saved the day, and why we make it mandatory for renters at our properties.

As for the video regarding renters and their pets, I’ll provide you with some insight on why allowing pets will be ridiculously beneficial to you, your renters, the properties sense of community and…drumroll please….your income!

If you own or have ever owned a cuddly fur-child, you know that they’re a part of the family. Sadly, a lot of pet owners are being shunned from properties due to pets and breed restrictions. The not so sad part? All of these people being turned away from other properties are your future renters!

So without further ado, the videos are up and ready for viewing! Happy Friday everyone and enjoy!

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