Say Goodbye to Entrepreneurial Anxiety With These 3 steps

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Feelings and loads of hefty responsibility comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur….which can also create anxiety, even for the most relaxed and carefree individual. Ridding yourself of anxiety altogether isn’t necessary, because you should care about the success of your company, but there are ways to cope with that anxiety that sometimes comes as a package deal with entrepreneurship.


1. Create a #GoodVibesOnly folder

Create a folder where you compile your proud accomplishments and whatever files that make you happy. Maybe you’ve saved emails from customers expressing their gratitude, or photographs from a charity event you hosted. Whatever you decide to put in this folder will help you remember why you started in the first place and what good you’ve put into the world….which is an easy win in relieving anxiety.


2. Join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs

Having a support system that understand precisely what you’re going through makes tough times a heck of a lot easier. Your friends and family are great, but joining a group of entrepreneurs can really help in relieving your anxiety, because more than likely at least a handful of those group members have gone through similar problems and might have great advice to help you along the way! It can be an online forum or community. Look for groups on LinkedIn. Search the web. There are plenty of groups out there to join!


3. Avoid checking your email after 7 pm

In this day and age we all know that being constantly connected can be ridiculously tiring. You might think it’s a strategic decision to check your email before you lay your head down to slumber, but if you come across an email with even a minor task, you’re more than likely going to want to take care of it right away….. or lose sleep thinking about it and everything else you have on your plate. Setting a time (I think 7 P.M. is a good one) that makes email off limits will allow your mind to slow down and be refreshed for the following day.


What tips and tricks help you relieve work anxiety?


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