What It Means to ‘Do Well’ in School

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In school we’re taught to obey the rules, to do things by the book, and if you stray away from the pack you’re quickly pushed back into the mold the education system puts us all in. If you’re a C student, you’re essentially a failure and are assumed to be lazy and not applying yourself.

But as entrepreneurs, we think differently, and frankly, everyone thinks and learns differently. As entrepreneurs we go against the norm, and we refuse to be forced into a life or way of thinking that doesn’t come naturally to us. Entrepreneurs want to create, not follow a rulebook created by someone else.

I came across this video no Unworthy and was blown away by the creativity, but the message behind it is an important one.

Square pegs shouldn’t be forced into round holes in the education system or in life. Be you and follow your passions.

Below is the video and I suggest you watch it!


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