Why Being Social Can Lead You To Success

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Many entrepreneurs, including myself, believe that the people we spend the most time with will dictate who we are and how far we’ll go in life. Why? Because we are an average of our circle of influence. The more successful people we know, the more likely we are to be successful ourselves. Think of your circle of influence as a social currency; your value, and it can mean everything if you’re striving to be an entrepreneur. Social currency isn’t a label that says one person is better than another. Instead, it represents your value to the world. Here are 3 ways to expand your social currency:

1. Developing Your Brand

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of branding. But we can brand much more than a business or an idea. Everybody is there own brand and there are plenty of ways to develop your brand. But the easiest might be by changing your circle of influence.

2. Your Circle Of Influence

Your circle of influence is going to be the best way to increase your social currency. The better the quality of your circle of influence, the more social currency you’ll command. When you think about your circle of influence, who is in it and what you want it to look like, remember that there’s more to a circle of influence than other people. You’ll be responsible for creating a strong circle, and people will be hesitant to join your circle of influence if you aren’t holding yourself to high standards.

3. The Next Step

Social currency is an idea that doesn’t start and end with your circle of influence. Your social currency is going to be constantly changing, and it requires constant attention if you want to try and maximize your value. At the same time, your circle of influence isn’t going to be the only way you can change your social currency. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to be much bigger than the people you know. Others will want to see what you’ve done, how you sell yourself and what you can do for them before they buy in.

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