The ABC’s of Property Management

abc_of_prop_mngmntSo you’ve made your real estate investment. Now the question is: How are you going to make it successful? Maximize its potential? Make it grow? One word: management. Hundreds of thousands know bestselling author Ken McElroy as a real estate investment tycoon. In his new book, he reveals the key to his success- exceptional property management- and teaches you its most important principles, showing you how to fundamentally succeed where others fail. The ACB’s of Property Management tells readers:

  • How to decide when to manage your property and when to hire someone to do it
  • How to implement the right systems and structures for your investment
  • How to manage and maximize cash flow
  • What to expect: A month in the life of an owner-manager
  • How to find the right property manager (and avoid the wrong ones)
  • How to assemble a superior management team

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  1. Josh Jenkins

    I just finished Property Management book. It was great! I learned a lot. I’m trying to get the level of organization needed. I am having trouble finding downloadable files listed at end of book. I’d really appreciate any help

  2. Won Kyung Paik

    I am going through the ABCs of Real Estate Investing now and I am learning so much invaluable lessons. After reading the Rich Dad books, this is the next level. My only regret is that I bought the audio-book on Audible and I can’t see any of the sample charts. Get the book!

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