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Use this calculator to find out your total payout at the end of the term and how much of that will be interest.
All you need is the mortgage amount, interest rate, and mortgage period to calculate your monthly mortgage payment.
Enter your initial balance and monthly contribution, then select your interest rate and duration. Our calculator will factor in the compound interest to determine your final balance.
For a detailed breakdown on your monthly mortgage expenses, including taxes and insurance, enter the information below.
Compound interest is calculated based on both the initial principal and the accumulated interest from previous periods. To calculate your compound interest, enter the information below.
This calculator determines the return on investment by entering the invested amount and the returned amount.
Your debt-to-income ratio can affect your credit score and your eligibility for financing.

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Ken McElroy has lived and breathed real estate for his entire adult life, learning from the ground up. He shares his insights and experiences on his podcast, “Real Estate Strategies with Ken McElroy,” and on his wildly popular YouTube channel. Ken is passionate about educating others so that they too can experience financial freedom through real estate investing.
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