How to AVOID Paying Taxes – Legally!

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Real Estate: How to AVOID Paying Taxes (Legally!) (with Tom Wheelwright) Tom Wheelwright is correct: the tax code is really the 6000-page guide to lower your taxes. So what tax benefits does real estate have now? Join Ken McElroy and Rich Dad Advisor, Tom Wheelwright, in a conversation about how to (legally) lower your taxes […]

Tips for Maximizing Your Return…

tax law changes from the new administration | Ken McElroy Image

There have been a lot of tax law changes from the new administration, so how you normally structure your tax write offs may not be the best way to do them this calendar year. Today, I am joined by Tom Wheelwright who is a very knowledgeable CPA and we are going to discuss all things […]

Key Tax Strategies to Maximize Returns with Tom Wheeelwright

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In this week’s episode, Tom Wheelwright discusses important tax strategies that every real estate investor should be aware of and consider. Tom has a great ability to explain complex tax code in a way that is understandable for busy entrepreneurs and investors. To learn more about Tom, please visit his website.