company_logoWe’ve been in the business of real estate investment and property management for a long time. More importantly, we’ve been doing it right for a long time. It’s our job to find sound, profitable partnerships and opportunities for our investors. MC Companies is intimately involved with all aspects of the business from land acquisition, construction, development, and property management. But doing it right is about so much more. It’s about serving our clients, not from afar, but personally. And it’s about helping enrich people’s lives.

When you invest with MC Companies, you get a seasoned team of industry experts who are focused and committed to you and to delivering returns that can make a difference in your future. We are committed to preserving your investment capital, and strive to exceed an above average rate of return on all investments.

Put your future with MC Companies and you get an investment team with decades of experience and a proven track record of performance. It doesn’t get much better than that. MC Companies can help make real estate investing a reality for you. So, get in on the good life today. It really is yours for the taking.

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  1. Beverly Lohrey

    Am interested in investing in some of your properties…would request more information with regard to how to make that happen.

    Thank you,
    Beverly Lohrey

  2. daryl duncan

    Just finished reading advance real estate book. Just purchased the ABC’s of Real Estate Investing and Sleeping Giant.

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