Goals vs. Resolutions

I get a bit agitated when I hear people discuss their New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe it’s because most people don’t keep their resolutions for more than a month or two and maybe it’s because they are so basic. I see my friends and they tell me they have made a resolution to lose twenty pounds. They never do and I hear about it again the following year. The truth is resolutions are a waste of time. They are fun to talk about, but that’s all they are is talk. If you want to really change your life you need to set goals.  

Goals, by definition, are different from resolutions. Goals are a target someone is trying to reach, and a resolution is trying to start or stop something. See how goals are more heavily weighted and resolutions are very basic? All resolutions should be turned into goals or wrapped up into goals because they may be a stepping stone toward your goal.   

As an example, you may have the resolution to lose twenty pounds this year. If you just announce it at a New Year’s party, it is highly unlikely you will achieve it. You will probably be making the same resolution the following year. However, if you make a goal to lose twenty pounds by May 15th, 2023, and put stepping stones around how you will do that then you are much more likely to achieve success.  

The stepping stones you put around the goal are the only way you are going to be successful. If the goal is losing twenty pounds, then the steps to do so may be cooking four times a week at home, stopping drinking soda, and packing your lunch daily. These steps will ensure you meet your goal. Without these steps, you will just be talking about something and never reaching your goal. Something else important to note, is goals have end dates. When are you committed to losing twenty pounds? When you put a date to something you make it real. A goal without a deadline is only a wish.  

So, this year take a look at your resolutions. Pick a couple that are the most important to you and make those resolutions your goals. Decide when you are going to accomplish them and make 2023 the year you stop wishing to improve your life and get goals completed to achieve that. 

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