Lesson 11 – The Management

The Management

Lesson 11 – The Management

Key Concepts & Action Steps

  • Lesson 11 – The Management

Lesson 1 – Getting Started

Getting Started

To be successful in real estate or in life, you must over come any negative mindset that is holding you back. We create all sorts of obstacles in our head that discourage us or even prevent us from moving forward. In this lesson, we discuss the “myths” that exist around real estate investing. I call them myths because they aren’t real and only exist in your mind — don’t let them hold you back. The five myths are:

– Myth #1 – You have to have money to start
– Myth #2 – You have to know somebody to get started
– Myth #3 – You want to but you don’t really have the time
– Myth #4 – You need to be a seasoned negotiator or business person
– Myth #5 – You have to know a lot about real estate

You have to create a better mindset and build your confidence to overcome these negative thoughts and emotions. To have more confidence, stop analyzing yourself and focus on actions that you can take to move towards your goals. We’ll talk about goals in the next lesson.

Key Concepts & Action Steps

  •  Reviewing the concepts discussed in this video and write down two decisions you’ve been putting off, that if you were to take action on, will make a significant impact on your life. Write down the first steps in taking action towards these decisions and begin to follow through.
  • Looking over the list of myths, ask yourself “what can a commit to today to change things in my life?”, “who could I call or reach out to today that could help me move forward?”, “what old behavior or habit, can I make a conscious effort to change?”
  • Download the PDF files below and work through these concepts above along with the exercises in the the downloads. Make sure that you commit.