Welcome to my Master Course!

Real estate investors are just normal people; they aren’t anybody special. They have just mastered a fairly passive way to invest. People think everything revolves around money, but it really revolves around education. Why is it that some people have money and others do not? Why, in our culture, are people okay with turning over their life savings to an investment advisor without knowing why they’re doing it? There is a big difference between people who are successful and those who are not – and the difference is education. In this course, I’m going to give you the strategies and tactics that can make you a successful real estate investor. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to understand the numbers and make a decision based on those numbers.

Key Concepts & Action Steps

Get organized and get motivated. Think through the reasons you want to learn real estate investing. Is it to help your family? Is it to provide for your kids’ education or for your own retirement? Is it simply to give you peace of mind about your financial future? Whatever the reason, start thinking about what will motivate you to take action on this course.

Review the course notes and carve out time each week for learning and action items. Each lesson takes about an hour to complete, including the video lesson and action steps. Get ready – your future begins now!