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Real Estate Investing Master Course

Whether you want to write your own deals, learn to syndicate, or be a passive investor, my Real Estate Investing Master Course is made for you.  You will learn how to get started investing, how to assemble an all-star team that will set you up of success, how to identify the right market and submarket, how to gather numbers and information to make sure deal cashflows, how to write an offer and get a deal under contract, what to focus on during due diligence, how to create a business plan, and how to manage your investment. This is a self-guided course with worksheets and real-life examples. 

Level: Beginner and Intermediate
Cost: $450 for lifetime access ($400 for Premium Members)

Premium Membership

My premium membership provides a space for real estate investors to learn, make connections, and get expert advice. You can browse from a library of mini-courses, articles bonus podcast questions and property management sample forms. Take advantage of my community forum, where you can connect with people just like you. And this is the only place where I’m guaranteed to answer your questions and look over you deals.

Level: All levels
Cost: $19.99/month or $199/year

Free Membership

Learn the basics of real estate investing with beginner courses, blogs, podcast episodes, and our weekly newsletter. You’ll also have access to free property management sample forms (with watermarks).

Level: Beginner
Cost: Free

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