The Benefits of Joining a Professional Organization

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It’s not news that millennials love technology. This generational cohort, consisting of 24 percent of the county’s population, has ranked “Technology Use” as the top reason for making their generation unique according to a report released by Nielsen. Millennials rely on technology to make their lives easier, both professionally and personally. When it comes to their careers, millennials use social media platforms …


Number One Rule For Being an Entrepreneur

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Trust Your Idea You want to be an entrepreneur. You want to leave your 9-5; but in order to do that you’re going to need a good reason to leave your former life and job behind. More so than having a brilliant idea, you need to trust in your idea to build a successful company from the ground up. Good …

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Starting a Business While in Debt

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At 29 years old, Adrienne was starting out with a good income as a supply chain analyst for a large paper manufacturing corporation. However, she couldn’t accept that it would take 25 years to repay her $45,000 student loan debt — so she started looking for alternatives. To accelerate her loan repayment, she cut her expenses and increased her income. …


Discovering Your Passion Through Personal Development

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  Check out my newest YouTube video about finding your passion through personal development and discover a FREE resource to do just that! I think one of the biggest issues people have is they wind up in jobs or careers without finding out what they’re passionate about prior. I can guarantee if you ask a large group of successful people why they’re successful, most …

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Being a People Person in Business

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Throughout the years I’ve learned my lesson, and these days I surround myself with friends who always come through for me. I know a lot of people say, “never go into business with your friends,” but for some odd reason, that strategy has worked out for me. A lot of my friends have become my co-workers, partners, or employees, and …

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3 Lessons from Warren Buffett

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Lessons of any kind from people as successful as Warren Buffett is sure to be beneficial, or at the very least exciting to read. So of course, when I saw an article on Upworthy titled “6 Lessons in Making Life Choices Based on The Wisdom of Warren Buffett,” I was sucked in. Warren Buffett says he takes six different factors …


What It Means to ‘Do Well’ in School

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In school we’re taught to obey the rules, to do things by the book, and if you stray away from the pack you’re quickly pushed back into the mold the education system puts us all in. If you’re a C student, you’re essentially a failure and are assumed to be lazy and not applying yourself. But as entrepreneurs, we think …

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5 Ways That Bosses Drive Away Employees

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Have you ever had a bad boss that resulted in you to wanting to quit? Are you worried that you might be falling short of your duties as a boss and wonder what exactly defines a bad boss? I recently read an article that rounded up responses from a survey on the actions (or lack there of) of a bad boss; …

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How To Get The Job Without The Experience

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I came across an article that brought up what I think to be an  important point when it comes to your career, and life… and that is to follow your passion. If you set your mind to something, you will build the road blocks to get you to where you need to go – with or without a diploma, with …


Attention Entrepreneurs: 4 Myths That Will Hold Back Your Startup

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Getting the ball rolling for your startup company will already be a challenge in itself, but falling victim to the damaging myths floating around out there will only make your journey harder. Below are 5 myths paired with pieces of advice you should translate for your own business: “It’s essentially impossible for a small company to compete with the big and bad …