Ken’s Picks – May 2022

Hey everybody, I’m happy to kick off a new recurring column in which I share with you the things I’ve been reading, products I’ve been buying, news stories I’ve been following- essentially, my picks for everything I like. Enjoy!

What I’m reading

The Capitalist Manifesto: How Entrepreneurs Can Save Capitalism by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert is a close friend of mine, but even if we’d never met, I would still recommend this thought-provoking book. The title won me over immediately, with its spin on The Communist Manifesto, and the book doesn’t disappoint. Robert takes aim at a lot of the forces that are eroding free-market capitalism in our society. If you’ve enjoyed the Rich Dad books, this is definitely a must-read.


Berkadia’s research, resources, and proprietary data is invaluable to real estate investors and I’m saying that from personal experience. Berkadia is a leader in the commercial real estate industry, offering numerous services to multifamily and commercial property clients. They sell, finance, and service commercial real estate, providing support for the entire life cycle of their clients’ assets.

What I’m watching

“Is College Worth It?” by Charlie Kirk

This was just a five-minute video, but it sure packed a punch. Charlie, the founder of Turning Point USA, challenges the idea that a college diploma is necessary or even helpful. While he agrees that there are certain occupations where it’s a necessity, why should someone incur debt to study subjects that they’ll never use again? With over thirty million jobs in our economy where you can earn over $55,000 per year without a college degree, this video offers some compelling evidence that a bachelor’s degree is no longer the investment it used to be.

What I’m keeping my eyes on

Interest Rates and Inflation

I’m always following interest rates and inflation, especially now that inflation continues to feel like a runway train. If the FED keeps raising rates, that means they’re serious about fighting inflation. If Biden cancels student debt and the FED doesn’t raise rates higher than inflation, then they aren’t actually trying to slow inflation at all and will accelerate it. While the inflation rate just decreased for the first time in eight months, from 8.5% to 8.3%, a decrease that small offers some hope but doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re out of the woods.


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