The Trip Has Come to an End

Our van trip has come to an end. The most shocking part is Danille made it! Ha. I have never seen her more excited to get home. I will admit she booked a coupe motels along the way next the the RV Parks, but overall I was impressed. I was almost positive I would be traveling alone by the end. I joke, but we had a good time. A lot of you are asking, so I wanted to highlight some places from our trip, so you can put them on your to-do list to check out. These are not all the places we stopped, these are just some faves we had. I have to emphasize you need bikes if you’re going to do a trip like this. It really added to the experience of touring these small towns.

Jackson, Wyoming

This is a must-see. We stayed at the Virginian RV Park and they also have a small motel connected. It is a very quick bike ride into town. They have a few national parks. We opted to not do Yellowstone and instead did Grand Teton. This was a recommendation from the locals. Yellowstone is massive and Grand Teton you can do in half a day and it is a lot closer.

Sarasota, Wyoming

This was a hidden gem. From the hot springs to dining at the Hotel Wolf. It was the best meal of our trip. Homemade vegetable beef soup, an old-school salad bar, and one of the best steaks I have had in a long time. The hot springs were open to the community and if you can get past the smell of sulphur it was really refreshing. It is a very small town, so the two nights we stayed there was the perfect amount of time.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Garden of the Gods was just that. It was breathtaking. You could hike, bike, or drive through. It reminded me of Sedona, but with a much better layout to site see.
We also stopped at an Irish bar called Jack Quinns. This place is original and it was fun to check out the old decor and live music they had going. It was by far the busiest place in downtown Colorado Springs.

Memphis, Tennessee

We loved listening to the blues music here. Walking down Beale Street reminded me of New Orleans. The bar we visited was BB Kings and I have to tell you getting there early to get prime seating was a win.
Also, we checked out Graceland where Elvis used to live. It wasn’t a long tour, but it was really an iconic place right in the heart of the city.

Asheville, North Carolina

Visiting the Vanderbilt mansion was amazing. There is so much history there and the tour is literally a couple of hours. It is astonishing how much money was in that family in that time period. The grounds are just as impressive as the actual home.
Biking in Asheville was on another level. The Vanderbilt home has some amazing bike trails. Next time we stop by I would like to spend more time kayaking down some of the rivers
We had a great time, but are so happy to be back. Our live next Monday will be back in the studio and we couldn’t be more excited!
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